Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A cruise anyone?

Just thinking about the lovely summer we had and how fast winter is setting in. It's  really chilly today. I have never been on a cruise. I do love the water though so I think that I would certainly enjoy sailing away into the sunset.  Oh to dream!

This is my favorite picture of one of the cruise ships that visited the port of Saint John.  It is not a recent picture as cruise season is over for this year.  I love how the early morning sun is breaking in the background. Giving a golden glow from the sky to the water.  I snapped this picture as we were crossing harbour bridge early one morning. We are early birds!! Timing is critical to get a good shot in trying to avoid other vehicles, door mirrors, posts, speed signs and anything else that might be in the way. You have to keep the speed limit and not drive too slow as not to cause an accident.  No, I am not the one who is driving! I am the one who has their face glued to the side window  - lol.  I always have my camera ready to see what I can capture.  My camera does not have a great zoom lens but I was pleased with this shot just the same.
                                       Thank you for looking 😊

Friday, November 10, 2017


The country has set aside one day to remember those who died in the world wars.  My dad. and uncles all served. Thankful that they came home again.  However, my grandparents had one son who died from the war efforts on Canadian soil.  An uncle that I never got to meet. I lost my dad when I was two years old. Shrapnel dislodged somewhere in his body and silently took his life.  The war was a cause of his death also, seven years later.  So I remember more than the one day of  the war days, the lives lost and how terrible those days were. I have my father's New Testament that the Salvation Army gave to him before going overseas. A real treasure and keepsake to me.
Our town remembers and  honors their men and women who served. It looks so very nice up and down all our streets to see banners waving in the breeze. Each banner has a photo of a service person from the world wars to the present day conflicts. Our town started this way of remembering and now other towns in our province have joined in. I think it is a wonderful way to show respect to all these men and women. The banners will stay posted until the first of December and then Christmas banners will go up.

 I like that they fly the Union Jack as that is the flag that they fought under.

                                             Union Jack Flag

                                                Banners honoring the  Vets

                                            My dad's New Testament Bible

                        Thank you for taking time to look and read my story

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Interesting Cook Books

I do love cook books.  I can spend an entire afternoon browsing these old books from way back when. There is so much interesting information in them. If you have an illness - there's a cure sure to heal all.  Some of it I just shake my head and laugh with the thought, "how could they believe this"  But who knows, maybe there was value in the potions they used.  As far as the recipes nothing is measured in standard measuring utensils. Just toss it in and it all comes out good. I know a lot of  people bake and cook without measuring and there dishes are amazing.  Not me. Even though I spent many years in the food industry I have to measure. Never was gifted with the guessing game.😒 For now I will just tuck these cookbooks away. They are old and brittle. I would like to pass them on if I knew someone would enjoy them as I do.


                                             Anyone sick - I hope not

Happy we don't do our laundry like this- when would I get time to browse my cookbooks!

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 Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hello November

November welcomed us with a lovely sunny day. Oh how I love the sun! It is still quite pretty here. The perennial plants are done and the annuals are still struggling. They are along side of the house  rather protected by a wooded hill.
I may get another week or two out of them if we don't get too heavy a frost.
Halloween eve was quiet. We don't get visitors as parents take their kids to town.
I found one little rose still struggling on but it was soon gone after I took this picture. I was hoping the little bud would open, but alas a deer had it for lunch. I hope she enjoyed it!

A few pictures of  October travels

You will notice fencing along the highway. Most of our highways are fenced to help keep the deer and moose off the highways. It has cut down on a lot of  accidents  and saved many lives.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Season of Fall

I will admit that the fall colours are really pretty. The Lord surely paints our land with vivid colours! I do appreciate fall, however the spring is still my favorite season. (Will explain that in a much later post 😏). I did manage to capture a few photos. Busy with winter preparations and the time slipped by. Days are too busy and much too short!
The first picture is in our town. Taken from the lower bridge  with the main bridge in the background. There is a beautiful gorge and waterfalls of which you can not see from this angle.
These  next pictures were taken around my door yard. We have beautiful Beech trees which serve as a shady canopy in the summer time. A great spot to keep cool.
Beech leaves turn russet brown, some with a hint of orange.  Beech trees manage to hang on some of their leaves all winter and you can hear them rustle in the wind.
Walking trail on our property . I love the sound of leaves crunching under foot.

Another of the beech trees
A lonely Maple leaf spotted on my trail walk.

There is such beauty around us if we only take time to enjoy this wonderful season. 
Thank you for looking  and wishing you a wonderful fall.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pastor Appreciation

October is pastor appreciation month. Our church has a pot luck dinner one Sunday during the month.  This year again, I was asked to do the cake.
 I chose a fall theme and wanted it "manly" as I could.  I added a couple of leaves, acorns and two gourds. You will notice the flame and the dove. The flame represents the Holy Ghost that fell on those praying in the upper room. The dove represents when Jesus was baptized. When the Spirit like a dove descended upon him. After I had taken a picture of the cake I remembered a wee violin that I had. Our pastor is a musician and plays the violin. I felt that the violin gave the cake that last little touch that it needed and made it personal to him.
 I enjoy cake decorating but don't do many cakes now. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Table Runner

I made this table runner for a little fall decoration. It is longer than it looks. It's about 3 feet in length. Anyways, so this was supposed to be a 10 minute table runner. Well, I am by all means a not beginner at sewing. This runner took more than the 10 minutes suggested. I still want to trim the points. I was thinking about getting some leaf motifs and sew them on. Must look into the dollar store to see what they have, if not I am sure Walmart will have something. I top stitched across the edge with tiny red leaves. They are hard to see but they are there. Also the light colored backing words printed on it pertaining to fall. Such as, pumpkin, apple, and I love fall. Again they are hard to see in the picture but are quite visible otherwise.