Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Oh My It's Been Too Long!

And yes, it has been too long. Too long waiting for some nice weather. It has been a cold spring so far. A nice day here and there. But then I am cold sensitive, I like the heat 😄.  And too long away from my blog. I should have known better than starting a blog in the winter. It is so dead and nothing interesting going on.
I've been busy though. We have a small craft sale at our church every fall. Last year I made bags so this time I decided on a variety. I have a start of what I am going to do. Probably some aprons and some other do-dads later.
The ground is now just drying up enough to start the gardens.  Yesterday we plowed and furrowed one garden.  I started planting potatoes and hubby ran the electric fencing. We had to add one more line to the fence height this year. The deer found the strawberry garden and were jumping the fence.  They cleaned the strawberry plants - all 500 hundred of them! That is the end of strawberry growing for me.  This now will be another vegetable garden.
It rained last night so the ground is sodden again. This afternoon or early evening I hope to be able to get more potatoes planted.  In the meanwhile I have been baking this morning. Just took a crumb cake out of the oven and a pan of blond brownies.  Smells delicious!  Here are the pincushions that I have been working on.  Before the sale I will stick a few straight pins in them to dress them a bit.
Thanks for visiting.

                    A few craft sale items

 Here are a couple of mini boxes.  They clip on to your purse or another type of bag. They are large enough to hold your keys, coins, lip sticks or any other small item that you would like to keep handy instead of digging through your handbag looking for it.

The gray one is mine.  I will be making a handbag to go with it. I put a swivel clip on one end. The material is from a jacket that I made so I will have a matching set. Plan to make a few more mini boxes for the craft sale.
Thanks again for looking!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Bag Is Packed!

Hello! Oh my, where has the time gone! We have not had a real snowy winter until lately and boy is it cold!! This is the time of year that winter weather is supposed to be on the way out, not on the way in. 😒  There really hasn't been much to blog about these past few weeks. Haven't been anywhere, news is scarce and the weather can be a boring topic. So folks, his bag is packed and he has been ordered to go (wish it was mine).
Who is going you ask? Well, it's "Old Man Winter' of course.

This is what he has given us lately.

 This is how the robins feel about it

This is how I feel about

Just a little fun post to break up this cold snap we are having. Spring arrives in a few more days. Winter bulbs will be coming through the ground, robins will be returning with their song giving a smile to all of us who look forward to warmer weather.
Have a great day everyone and thank you for dropping by.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

English Muffin/Bread Experiment

I had a hankering for English muffins the other day. Since I don't buy store bread I decided to try my own.  I didn't have sour dough starter and have never had any luck with it. I wanted a muffin that had the holes and craters like muffins with the starter has. I found a recipe on Pinterest that didn't have the sour dough starter that I decided to try. Well, they tasted good but had more of the texture of a bagel and didn't have all the nooks and crannies of a nice English muffin. They were fun to make though and took only about 7 minutes each side in my cast iron pan. Still desiring a better muffin I came up with this English muffin bread. It was a lot quicker that was for sure! When I cut into it I was surprised to see hole, nooks and crannies that I so wanted in the muffins!  The taste did not have that bit of a zing that sour dough has, but it was good just the same.  Result of the experiment is -- I will try to perfect making a sour dough starter as I like the taste it gives to the muffins.  Here are a few pictures of my experiments.

                                            English Muffins

English Muffin for Breakfast

English Muffin Bread

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snow + Rain = Ice!

Oh what a winter this is thus far. We really haven't had any major snow storms. Just snow events that added to to a few inches at a time. Then the temperature warms up above freezing and the snow melts making ice. Then it rains making more ice!  The roads have not been good this year.  Road crews do their best but there is just so much they can do with weather like this. At least with snow, you plow it, move it out of the way and one can get around with out the fear of falling. Our door yard and driveway is a mass of ice.  It just keeps growing! However, it is pretty on the trees. The sun catches the crystals and I can see sparkling diamonds,rubies and nuggets of gold. Such beauty they behold.  The sun is getting brighter every day and the days are getting longer. It will all melt in due time.

                                              Golden Trees

Jewels of Ice

And this is me!

Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Beaver Tails,Bear Claws,Toutons or maybe Dough-boys!

We are having one of those winters that it seems to be raining as much as it snows. At least this far.  Mom would call it an open winter. The ice just keeps building up in our yard and driveway.   Well, with this cold weather some good "comfort" food sure fills the bill! We have a tradition here once the cold weather hits is to dig out the deep fryer or the old electric fry pan and cook up some old home favorites. One of those favorites is "fry dough" made from homemade bread. Some areas call these pieces of fried dough beaver tails or bear claws.  To us they are called "Dough Boys." We enjoy them with molasses. One would think that they would be greasy, but they are not.  The outside fries up with a tender golden crust and the bread inside is soft and fluffy- yum! 😋  I have some Newfoundland heritage.  My grandmother called them "toutons"  I was told they would serve them with rendered down pork scraps. The fat from the cooked pork scraps would be then poured over them. I am not fond of pork scraps and would be happy to pass on them served that way. 😞  Also, in Newfoundland they are served as a snack with their tea. They would roll the dough into little balls. fry them and then roll them in cinnamon sugar. They are actually really good that way. They taste similar to a donut and resemble a "Timbit"!
I would imagine in different areas of the country they are called by different names and served in various ways. They are delicious and well worth the effort of cooking some up when making bread.

I forgot to take pictures of the raw dough as I shaped it.  They are not as big as they look here. Probably about the size of a roll would be before it rises.

All six would have fit in the fry pan but I did not want to cool down the oil.

                                      Looking and tasting delicious!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Icy Wonderland

First of all I am in no way a lover of winter! I believe I was misplaced and should have been born to a nice warm climate. We have been experiencing extremely cold weather lately.  The house is warm but I an not looking forward to next month's hydro bill. Thankful that we did not lose power through the last blizzard that they were calling a "bomb".  It was bad,and unfortunately many homes did lose their power. But the snow can create a beautiful scenery. I do enjoy a nice walk after the storm and the trees are heavy with snow. The ground cover is so clean and fresh looking and covered by tiny tracks made by birds and the squirrels. As I see these wee creatures scurrying about looking for their next meal I am again thankful that I have a heavenly Father who provides for his creations so perfectly. He supplies a way and provides through the most difficult times. 

                                        This is my Father's world.

                                 This is the gorge in our town.  The falls are in the forefront of which you can not see.   There is a lower bridge far in the background.             The trees are covered with ice making a very pretty picture.
                                  A squirrel in our yard feeding on some pine nuts

                                            Chickadee in the snow
                                   A little fox who often came to visit.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sledding Snowmen

What would you call a party that snowmen would attend?  Well, it would be a  Snow- "Ball" of course! ☺  Here are my snowmen at the "Ball"
They come from different backgrounds.  The larger one to the left is one I made when I was into doing art crafts. The chubby one in front of him was from a dear nephew many,many years ago ( from the 70's.)  The rest of the group were gifts from friends and former students.   All the snowmen didn't make it into the picture. You know how it is, there is always "someone" who is late for the party. So they missed the photo shoot. These guys are just sitting around in the snow waiting their turn on the toboggan.
Our first snow has been rained off and the ground is bare. I really do like it this way especially when people are travelling and Christmas shopping. A Christmas eve light snow fall would be nice though.  I am sure my snowmen would enjoy it! I would.